Client: Kovalska
Brand: Rusanivska Gavan’
Agency: Looma

Rusanivska Gavan’. In one’s element.

Rusanivska Gavan (gavan’ –  harbour ukr.) is a residential complex located near the river Dnipro in Kiev. Its key advantage is the location in the calm place  near the water.
Water is life, and water element is essential for a human being.
So, we came up with idea – this place is perfect for those who literally can’t leave without water. 
For example, the Poseidon – god of the sea, or may be a mermaid?
Key Visual: Poseidon
Key Visual: Mermaid
Animated version

In one’s element: Chapter 2

Everything went just fine, Poseidon and Mermaid fell in love, and after about 9 month this little miracle appeared.

Video spot