Agency: Michurin
Brand: KLO
Creative production: Looma

KLO: Character design

KLO – is a gas station network, located in Kyiv area. As a part of the brand communication, this year KLO introduced it’s own brand mascot, based on the logo concept.
Our task was to create an attractive and functional character, maintaining the image recognition. The process included concept creation, 3d modeling, rigging and creation of series of key visuals.

So, we started the work from sketching, our character got 6 tentacles and a nice tummy, that made him look a bit clumsy.

Next round – is 3d modeling and rigging.

When the model was ready we moved to creation of the main scenes.

At this stage we create clothing and props for every scene, adjust lighting and materials.
We had a specific scene for every brand activity (Call center, gas station locator and etc.)

Also, we had a physically printed version of this little guy.

The new character is used KLO’s application and other brand activities