Client: GFH
Agency: Unisono (Bahrain)
CGI&Post-Production: Looma

GFH: F1 Campaign

GFH F1 Campaign challenge

The challenge for this F1 campaign was put to our creative team – how can you create brand alignment with a serious sporting event for a company like GFH which is a holding company and financial group – essentially it has no identifiable products or services. For this campaign we had to represent the brand using visual tropes of the sport without resorting to clichés.

F1 Campaign strategy

We came up with three key ideas for the campaign – the driver, the team and the spectator. Each artwork represented a different view on the sporting spectacle, each perspective gave us a new way of looking at the sport and new insights into what makes the sport so special. This worked well with the brand’s ‘insightful’ positioning as it showed the firm doesn’t just take a single view on a situation or subject but considered multiple perspectives before it makes a move.